We do not only renovate your home but we re / build your ideas.

Design and timelessness

Forma is a team of architects and creatives that design timeless spaces. We work on the design of interior architecture with the aim of offering balanced, minimalist, bright and warm homes where perceptions and sensations are the protagonists.

Simple process

Our team accompanies you throughout the process: design, planning and execution of the works. We explore methods focused on crafts and technology so that the entire process is transparent and participatory.

Aesthetics and durability

We don’t just make beautiful designs, our projects focus on quality, detail and durability. All our projects are made with premium material and executed by professional builders.

re / building ideas

Our mission

We are a creative architecture studio.

Our mission is to transform the ugliness of a space into beauty, enhancing what is inherent in each place.

We consider design as a key piece in people’s lives and not everyone can access a good design: poor spaces, badly combined materials, non-transparent processes… you get a mediocre result for your home.

We decided to create Forma to re / invent the design of spaces. Because good design should be available to everyone.