Design, plan and build your home in a simple and transparent process



Plan your renovation

Carrying out a renovation presents many initial doubts. Our team will help you first to land your ideas and really know what you are looking for. There is nothing worse than answering the wrong question correctly.

Our team of architects are experts in renovations. They will work with you to set up an initial tailored proposal for your project and plan the entire process.

During the design phase we will specify the final materials and details.

We work to set up a project timeline that works with your schedule and enables the contractor to execute a high-quality build in order to ensure that you get the best results possible.


Design phase

When we have the bases of the project clear, we will begin the design of your home, our team of architects will shape the space.

Each project and client is unique. Forma is a team of architects that will help and guide you throughout the process: design, planning, budgets and details.

The goal is to achieve a unique reform.

Although we work with all the materials and brands available on the market, we have made a selection that, in our experience, meet a great quality-price ratio to make it easier to choose your design.



We have developed a digital platform to manage each project from anywhere, owning your project has never been easier.

From your internal dashboard you can view and manage the entire project. Easily review design, accounting, site updates, and more.

It is difficult to find a good construction team. Over the years we have built a network of construction companies that have worked with and have been previously examined by us to guarantee a quality project.

A renovation with good design should be available for everyone