This project presents the renovation of a house located in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona. The result is a modern and luminous space and at the same time enhancing the Barcelona design spirit. Every addition tries to dialogue harmoniously with the old, while maintaining the perception of unity.

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The building, which dates from 1918, has an area of ​​65 m2 with a main façade facing a small street and a service patio. Originally, the floor had the typical compartmentalized distribution with division of structural walls that made it difficult to unify the spaces and little light entered the interior rooms.

The first step was to tear down the load-bearing wall that led to the gallery to locate the kitchen. This allows us to enjoy the kitchen in a large and central space of the house, all life revolves around this space. By knocking down the load-bearing wall, both the kitchen and the rest of the rooms gained light and natural ventilation.

The bathroom is located in the least bright part of the home, but because an interior window and the reflection of a large mirror, we are able to bring light into that space.

In order to maximize natural light and provide unity to the house, we use white materials throughout the floor, thus highlighting the hydraulic floor and its colors.
The unique color and pattern of the hydraulic pavement are an element to highlight in our project, we keep as many pieces as possible, discarding only those that were in very poor condition, redoing the drawings in certain areas and the new distribution adapting to the needs of the pavement.

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