This project presents the refurbishment of a house located in the historic center of Vilanova, a town near Barcelona. It is a three storey apartment of small dimensions and a triangular shape that consists of two habitable floors and a terrace floor. The objective was to provide balanced and nice spaces on the triangular floor plan and capture the light through the terrace to the darkest spaces.

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When the space has such strange dimensions, the idea has been to simplify the spaces as much as possible. We converted the ground floor into a large room to enjoy a large space and be able to live with the family. All the services are placed on the perimeter to give the maximum feeling of spaciousness. On the second floor we designed the bedrooms, each with its own window. On the top floor we have the terrace, by creating a volume with a large opening that connects the house and the terrace, is not only used as a connection but also acts as a skylight that sends natural light to all the floors of the house through the staircase.
At home, each of us develops our routines, through furniture we have managed to make each corner unique and provide an independent atmosphere. The lighting based on opals and light bulbs helps to generate various points of light to enjoy the space in different ways.
The pavement, which is throughout the house, is a marble floor recovered from its original state. To contrast the coldness of the marble, the chosen furniture is made of wood and the objects and details are in earth tones. The combination of all the materials generates a striking but warm space that connects with the senses at the same time.

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