Carders Apartment

The home is located in an 1880s building, and its original condition was severely deteriorated due to the passage of time. Restoration of all elements was impossible, so the decision was made to demolish all the superficial components down to the basic structure: walls, floors, and ceiling. The goal was to rescue the original values of the home and integrate them with a contemporary intervention.

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The first step involved repairing and reinforcing structural elements such as wooden beams, the perimeter walls, and replacing all the windows with wooden ones to mimic the original ones. We decided that the container, which was already in good condition, should be the main focus of the space and started introducing new materials to create a functional home.


The client was looking for a large, flexible space, and the linear simplicity of the volume with windows along the entire façade makes it easy to segment for future additional rooms. The flexibility of the space allows for modifications to the size of the dining and/or living area as they can be placed anywhere within the container.


The atmosphere is a space that is simple in terms of distribution but filled with details and character, bathed in natural light. The result is a renovation that not only respects the history and architecture of the building but also adapts to the needs and tastes of the homeowners, creating a unique space.

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