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Nooks to be lived

In the world of architecture and interior design, we often focus on creating spacious and functional spaces. However, sometimes, the true essence of a home can be found in smaller, cozier spaces with intricate details, what we might call “nooks.” These nooks are intimate and warm atmospheres that are carefully designed to provide unique comfort and personality to a space. In this article, we explore the most important nook in the Montjuic project, where we understood the need to create a corner where much of the family’s life would unfold.

The essence of cozy nooks

Imagine coming home after a long day at work and immediately feeling a sense of calm and well-being upon entering a cozy nook. These spaces are designed to be refuges within your own home, places where you can relax, rest, and feel completely comfortable.

A good example of this is our project in Montjuic, where the kitchen is at the heart of the home, bringing together most of the family’s activities. We knew that the kitchen would be not just a place for cooking but also a space for working, studying, chatting, playing, and more. To achieve this, we introduced a bench alongside the table. This bench not only offers comfortable seating but also serves as additional storage. By placing the bench against the wall, we made the table no longer the center of the space, but it became a cozy nook for spending time.

Creating unique atmospheres

The key to designing cozy nooks lies in selecting the right objects and materials that fit the function and aesthetics of the space in question. The composition, object size, spacing, and color palette create an emotional place. Warm tones and natural materials were combined to achieve a cozy and relaxing environment.

Furthermore, decorative objects and details also play a crucial role in creating the atmosphere of a cozy nook. Soft cushions on the bench, shelves with books and mementos, a lamp, and a selection of plants can transform an ordinary corner into a place to spend time.

The power of personality in design

Every cozy nook has its own personality and tells a story depending on who inhabits it. Being a family with children, the space had to adapt to the uses they were going to give it. The kitchen nook became a multifunctional space that invited people to share moments together while cooking, studying, or chatting.

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In conclusion, cozy nooks are emotional spaces within a home. They are places where the particular arrangement of elements conveys a sense of refuge and comfort.

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