Separate spaces with sliding doors

Una forma de aprovechar al máximo el espacio en tu hogar es con puertas correderas, son una solución elegante y efectiva. Estas puertas ofrecen una serie de beneficios, desde la creación de flujo en el espacio hasta la maximización de la privacidad cuando es necesario. A pesar de los beneficios que tiene espacialmente es recomendable no usarlas en todas las situaciones.

Spatial flow

One of the primary advantages of sliding doors is their ability to create a continuous flow within a space. When open, they can seamlessly connect two rooms, turning them into a single, spacious area. If you need to separate the spaces again, simply close the sliding doors to achieve the desired partition. This elongates the visual perspective of the floor, making the space feel more expansive.

Mobile walls for maximum flexibility

For those looking to take flexibility to the next level, mobile panels are the solution. The panel can consist of multiple doors or a single large door. These panels represent the epitome of sliding doors as they allow for the complete opening of a partition. Mobile panels are ideal for projects where you desire a seamless transition between two spaces. They enable you to create a sense of unity in a room while also providing the option to separate it when necessary. This versatility allows for various activities in a single space, making a home highly adaptable for different uses.

Sound insulation

One drawback of sliding doors is that they offer less sound insulation compared to traditional hinged doors. Due to their less airtight closure, sound and privacy may not be as effective. In this case, the decision to install a sliding door depends on the type of lifestyle within the two spaces. For example, if a bedroom directly adjoins the living room and the occupants have different sleep schedules, it may not be advisable. In such situations, it’s better to arrange the living space into a daytime and nighttime zone. On the other hand, there are uses that complement each other perfectly, such as the dining area and the kitchen, and they do not require sound insulation.

Excellent in small spaces

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing sliding doors is the available interior space. In small spaces, every centimeter counts. Sliding doors are an outstanding solution in such situations because they slide parallel to the wall rather than swinging open, saving space. Moreover, when open, they occupy less room in the passageway compared to hinged doors, which never fold completely against the wall. In small apartments, it’s preferable to sacrifice some sound insulation to make the most of the available space.

Precise design and installation

When installing sliding doors, precision is vital, especially if the doors are larger than usual. The placement must be meticulously designed to minimize gaps and ensure that they function correctly. Poor fit or inadequate design can result in operational issues and an unprofessional appearance.

In summary, sliding doors are a versatile and elegant solution for separating spaces in architectural and interior design projects. Their ability to facilitate spatial flow, their versatility, and their adaptability to different space sizes make them an essential choice for any project. However, it’s important to consider who will inhabit the space and how they will use it to design the best solution. With proper design, sliding doors can completely transform the functionality and aesthetics of a space, making your project even more impressive.

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