Architecture and design for a new life

Forma Arquitectura is an architecture studio in Barcelona that uses design and creativity to enhance any space and make a real impact on people's lives. We carry out architectural projects and design renovations in a guided process to ensure that the result is not only beautiful but also authentic.


Architecture in a guided, participatory, and transparent process



Undertaking an architectural project raises many initial questions and options. The first step is to define your ideas and truly understand what you are looking for. There is nothing worse than answering the wrong question correctly. Once we have a clear foundation, is when we design the spaces and interior of the project.



Carrying out the project and interior design of a home is like an orchestra: many aspects have to be coordinated so that spaces and materials fit into an idea, timelines, and budget.



Through a digital platform that we have developed in the office, you will be able to track the progress that we post about the renovation, giving you ownership of your project.

Press and Magazines

Because we don't just design your home, we shape your ideas.