We don't just design your home,
we shape your ideas

Guided process

The goal is to accompany you throughout the entire project process: design, planning, and execution management. We explore methods that focus on craftsmanship and technology to ensure the entire process is transparent, participatory, and efficient.

Warmth and technology

We work on the design of interior architecture with the goal of offering balanced, bright, and warm homes. At the same time, we introduce technology as a tool that will enhance the new life in the home.

and durability

Every project is an idea, a guiding thread that permeates the entire project. The minimalist and decisive lines have continuity throughout the apartment, they turn, intersect, and always have an ending.

We do not just create beautiful designs; our projects focus on quality, details, and durability. All our projects are made with premium materials and executed by professional builders.

Connected spaces

A house is a sequence of spaces, and the connection between them is designed depending on the required level of privacy.

This connection can range from something perceptual, such as a change in material, to a solution involving movable doors that allow for an open or confined space.

re / building ideas

Our misión

We are a creative architecture studio. Our mission is to improve any space, transforming ugliness into beauty by enhancing the inherent qualities of each place.

We consider design to be a key element in people’s lives, and not everyone has access to good design: ungraceful spaces, poorly matched materials, non-transparent processes… You end up with a mediocre result for your home.

We decided to create Forma to re/invent architecture because good design should be accessible to everyone.