Design, planning, and construction management of your home in a guided process.




Undertaking an architectural project raises many initial questions and options. The first step is to define your ideas and truly understand what you are looking for; there’s nothing worse than answering the wrong question correctly. Once we have a clear foundation, that’s when we design the spaces and the interior of the project.

Forma is a team of architects in which our mission is to guide you through the entire design process, from the main idea to the materials and details that shape it. The goal is to achieve a renovation with a unique design tailored to each individual.

It’s difficult to envision a space when it’s not yet built. The project is developed in a three-dimensional way to visualize how it will look and facilitate decision-making.



A project is like an orchestra: many aspects that need to be coordinated to ensure that spaces and materials fit into a concept, timing, and budget.

The cost of the renovation is a fundamental part of a project. Material and labor costs are combined to get an overall picture. From there, final choices of materials, details, and the contractor will be finalized to align the budget with the design.

We establish a project timeline that functions on a schedule and also allows the construction team to execute a high-quality project to ensure the best possible results.



Through a digital platform, you will be able to track the progress that we post about the construction, giving you ownership of your project

During a construction, there are many trades and materials that we coordinate to ensure the project ends up being just as designed.

From your project’s internal area, you can visualize and manage the entire project. You can easily review the design, finances, and construction updates.

Over the years, we have built a network of construction companies that have worked and have been previously assessed by us to ensure a quality project.

A renovation with good design should be within everyone's reach.