Phases and Timeline in a renovation

In the thrilling journey of transforming your home, it’s crucial to grasp the various stages and timelines involved in a renovation. Each project possesses its unique identity influenced by factors such as size, location, and local regulations. In this instance, we’ll reference the renovation of an apartment ranging from 100 to 200 m² in Barcelona. On average, we can estimate that the entire process will take around 8 months. While some professionals may suggest shorter timelines, the reality is that quality and care require their time. 

This article will guide you through each phase; you can also know further into our process here.

Design phase

The starting point for every project is the design phase, where the vision takes tangible form. From initial concepts to the creation of 3D models, detailed plans, and material selection, this creative process takes approximately 6 weeks. The duration may vary based on the project’s complexity and rounds of review.

Budgeting phase

At this stage, it is time to align design with the total budget. The budgeting phase, sometimes underestimated, takes a similar amount of time to the design phase, around 6 weeks. Considering various materials and professionals, we obtain multiple quotes to ensure accurate comparisons. It is crucial to emphasize that cost savings can sometimes lead to compromises in warranty, post-sales service, and timelines.

The pre-construction phase runs concurrently with budgeting and includes obtaining permits and organizing the logistics of the project.

Construction phase

The construction phase is the moment when the vision becomes a physical reality. It involves project execution, coordination with different professionals, and regular site visits. Maintaining daily control is essential to address any unforeseen challenges. The construction timelines for an apartment are typically 16 weeks.


Understanding the different phases and their respective timelines is crucial for the success of a project. By allocating sufficient time to design and planning, unexpected setbacks can be minimized. Furthermore, having a comprehensive team that covers all phases ensures a consistent and high-quality experience throughout the entire process.

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