Vilamarí Apartment

This project showcases the renovation of a home located in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona. It’s not a modernist apartment; rather, it’s a typical 1980s builder’s apartment, simple and with few architectural features. The apartments are elongated, narrow, with long corridors and little natural light. So, how could we turn around an apartment with such little initial charm and negative constraints?

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We created five large openings in the long walls of the home to merge the spaces and create diagonal sightlines. Diagonals in a home generate a greater sense of spaciousness because they are longer than the front view and because they cross multiple rooms and atmospheres, enriching what you see.


Sliding or folding door systems are inserted into the openings, acting like a membrane, allowing for the confinement of rooms or the creation of a spacious area based on privacy needs. When the mobile systems are open, the apartment becomes an open and flexible space, allowing natural light to penetrate the central area where it previously had none.


Wood is the guiding material, providing warmth. Green breaks the harmony to add personality at key points. The third and most important material is metallic elements, as in such narrow apartments, they bring a sense of lightness. Additionally, mirrors and stainless steel (which act as mirrors) multiply the diagonals that end at the main facade, causing the view to bounce outward and the light to bounce inward.

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