Provença apartment

In the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district, we have undertaken a comprehensive renovation of an apartment built in 1900. Starting with its original layout, characterized by dark and narrow compartments, our goal was to transform this space into a versatile and comfortable environment that meets the contemporary living demands while preserving the modernist essence.

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The client desired a refuge that not only provided comfort for daily living but was also conducive to long hours of remote work. The spaces had to exude personality without feeling burdensome during extended periods. The final aesthetic is translated into a warm minimalism, characterized by simple but evocative design lines, with earthy tones and wood prevailing.
The primary challenge of the project, before tackling the space’s design, was to preserve the apartment’s original architectural elements while enhancing energy efficiency and comfort. This can sometimes seem counterproductive due to the insulation limitations of 1900s construction. The solution retained the original structure and adding a layer of cellulose insulation between the outer layer and the original materials to ensure optimal insulation.
Among the newly introduced materials, wood, featured in the flooring and carpentry, harmonized in tone with the exposed original ceramic ceiling, creating a unified and cohesive ambiance. The restored hydraulic floor tiles added authenticity, and strategically incorporated green elements in the kitchen and storage furniture providing character to the heart of the apartment. Custom-made furniture played a crucial role in maximizing space, with a versatile table serving as a kitchen island, dining table, and workspace, adapting to varying needs. Similarly, a two-tiered longitudinal piece functioned as a bench, storage, countertop, and more.
The end result is an efficient and comfortable space that maintains the original architectural elements. The combination of these elements with wood, green accents, and earthy tones created a warm, personal, and authentic atmosphere that resonates in every corner of the apartment.

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